Bird Spike Installation

Vancouver Bird Spike Installation

Is your business ready for bird season? Arman Expert Cleaning Services offers a low-cost and permanent solution to keeping away birds from damaging your property. We are experts and we service both residential and commercial establishments. We install different sizes of bird spikes according to your needs. Bird spikes are not harmful to birds, but can be uncomfortable. More importantly, bird spikes are low maintenance, barely visible, and do not require a power supply. They prevent birds from landing on your rooftops and ledges, perching, nesting, and roosting. We even install bird spikes on top of chimneys. We use bird spikes made out of stainless steel and plastic that are available in three sizes and various widths. You will no longer have to worry about excessive bird droppings and debris that damage your building or area of residence and cause your property to look unappealing.

We highly recommend this popular this pigeon deterrent method for your property, especially if it's located near the shore. These spikes, sometimes called anti-roosting pigeon spikes, prevent birds from perching on your property. The dense pattern of spikes prevents birds from landing and encourages them to go somewhere else where they will not be hurt.

If you're ready to discuss the next steps for installing your bird spikes, contact us today at 604-202-7700 or fill out our quote form for a quick estimate!

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