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Vancouver Bucket Truck Services

Many painting and cleanings jobs require the use of these powerful machines and regardless of whether you have a small or large cleaning task at hand - we come prepared. Our bucket trucks are often used for cleaning store fronts, windows, roofs and signs.

A bucket truck is a large vehicle that has a bucket attached to a rising platform. It is designed for workers to stand in and operate the lift. Also known as cherry pickers, or boom lifts, these man lifts are convenient tools for cleaning areas that are high off the ground and require hand-cleaning or direct access, such as: telephone, or cable installation and repair, electrical work or hanging up lights, exterior painting, window cleaning and landscaping

Bucket trucks provide a much safer working environment for the technician on board and is much safer than ladders or other similar hydraulic machines. In addition to cleaning services, we also use our bucket trucks for our extensive painting services.

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