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Our fireplace and chimney cleaning services are thorough and comprehensive. Cleaning a chimney is a complicated task and we take the time to ensure that the job is done right. Fireplace can cause fires in the chimney and the build up of soot and creosote can be dangerous and toxic.

Cleaning a chimney is a complex and dirty task. Build up of soot and creosote can be dangerous, toxic, and cause fires. We remove interior and exterior build up using special tools, and make sure to protect you and your home-decor from dirt, dust, and ash that expels into the air. Our team accesses the chimney from the outside by using a long attachment and a duct truck. This allows the loosening of clinging material from the very top to the very bottom of the chimney walls. We begin the process by covering the area around the fireplace opening with drop cloths to prevent dirt from settling on your floors and carpets.

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