Graffiti Removal

Vancouver Graffiti Removal

Was your home or place of business recently vandalized? Graffiti removal has never been easier with the help of Arman Expert Cleaning Services. We use highly potent and environmentally friendly solutions to remove markings on buildings, doors, and other surfaces. It is important to remove fresh graffiti in time because, as it ages, it becomes harder to erase markings. Graffiti markings that are not attained to negatively stigmatize the surrounding community as markings are associated with gang activities and local crime areas. Although removing resistant graffiti by using extremely potent chemicals is very effective, the process may also damage surfaces and strip the paint if not applied properly. We are also available to do exterior painting over metal, wood, and other surfaces if the graffiti markings cause irreparable damage to your property.

  • Attend to graffiti markings as quickly as possible
  • Use hard bristle brushes when applying graffiti removal products
  • Make sure to use the right chemicals in the right weather

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