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Pressure washing (power washing) is one of the most affordable ways to increase a property's value. By washing away stains, dust, dirt, green mold and mildew you can restore and extends the property's life. Pressure washing is also one of the most effective ways to wash and clean all concrete surfaces and hard wood surface around your property, from ground to gutters, including wood and deck, concrete and brick cleaning, balconies, patios, pavers, fences, driveways, pathways, pontoons, tennis courts, etc.

We are professional pressure washers in Vancouver area. We offer cost-effective pressure washing services. We have the most powerful 5000 PSI pressure washing machine, it makes it easy to remove black stains, gums from concrete surface, especially for parking lot pressure washing. We aim at improving the appearance of your property, while preserving and even increasing its value. We achieve fantastic results on a huge variety of external surfaces and in an environmentally safe manner, without the aid of chemicals.

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