Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning

Vancouver Restaurant Kitchen Vent Cleaning

Arman Expert Cleaning Services offers professional cleaning of ducts, vents, fans, and kitchen hoods. To save money on utility bills and most importantly, to avoid fires, your ducts and vent needs to be cleaned annually. It is important to regularly inspect your unit for accumulating grease, dirt, and lint. By regularly cleaning vents, you can prevent fires, speed up performance, save money on energy bills, and prolong the life of your machines. In addition, a thorough cleaning will prevent bacteria, mold, and or mildew from growing in your unit. We are experts and we service both residential and commercial establishments.

We begin the process by cleaning excess dust out, followed by washing the unit in non-toxic solution that breaks down grease and rinses away residue. We secure the area with heavy-duty tarps to catch run-off and wash away the solution with a hot water pressure washer. We offer to polish your unit to improve its appearance and make it easier for future cleaning. Keep your home or business safe by having regular cleaning and inspections done.

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