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Contrary to the belief, stainless steel is not stainless, as smudges and gunk tends to stick to steel surfaces that may be hard to clean. It is important to regularly clean your appliances to preserve the “just bought” appearance and prevent stains from becoming permanent. Before spending a fortune replacing your appliances, let Arman Expert Cleaning Services restore that shine back into the stainless steel and have them looking like new. Accumulating dirt may lead to the growth of corrosive substances that can break into surface layers and damage steel appliances. Cleaning steel appliances in time will save you money and extend their life. We are professionals who specialize in stainless steel cleaning and use special tools and non-toxic chemicals to remove resistant stains.

Use wax-based sprays to prevent fingerprints from sticking to steel surfaces. Don't use too much at once! A couple of light sprays and a quick wipe with a lint-free cloth is enough to do the trick. Don't use oils or cleaners with bleach on your stainless steel appliances – lint will stick to the oil and solutions that contain bleach will cause your appliances to lose their luster.

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