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Tile grout cleaning is an important first line defense against water damage, grime, mildew and moisture. The most efficient way to remove grout is with the use of a steam cleaner. This will ensure your kitchen and bathroom floors are clean and safe. Our machines use high pressure water vapour to remove any grease and build up dirt. After the job is done, your floors will be looking like brand new! We are experts and service residential and commercial establishments.

Although tile is easy to clean if attended to immediately, left unattended it can build up grime and stains that are hard to remove. This is especially true of industrial warehouses, and other business offices where the floors receive a heavy, steady traffic. We have a variety of buffers and power tools to ensure even the oldest and dirtiest of tiles and grouts are brought back to their original lively look. Over the years, our business has services a wide range of different surfaces and our expert staff is there to assist you. We offer a variety of services and are experienced in many different cleaning techniques.

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